Soft Edge Technologies Product Range

Here are a few ideas to the type of products that we have previously constructed.


Temperature Logger

The SA/104 was developed as a platform for any embedded control and development application. It is targeted at high performance low power embedded systems.
Memory capacity is expandable to 256Mb through SO-DIMM socket. Based on the compact industry-standard PC/104 format the SA/104 can be used stand-alone or can readily mate with numerous peripheral boards.
The SA/104 provides OEM's and developers with a powerful yet easy to implement solution for embedded systems.
The SA/104 is compatible standard developments tools such as ARM ADS and Gnu tool chain, and with up to 32Mb of flash, the SA/104 can support Windows CE.
The SA/104 has an on board switch-mode PSU that is powered from 4-18 Vdc supply. Power management can switch between normal, idle and sleep modes.

The Logger monitors and records input from up to 5 sensors. It can sample at intervals from once per minute upwards, and is capable of recording a minimum of 5 million samples on standard MMC/SD cards.

The Logger can be configured to read voltage, current or data and can be powered from 240V or 120V 50/60Hz main supply.

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